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Wiese Europe came into existence in 1988, as a service partner of German company Wiese GmbH. The family business was responsible for the repair, maintenance and sales of the loading arms that were manufactured in Germany. Back then, the workshop was a mere 300m² — and was manned by a staff of 5.
Wiese Europe Building Tom Goos

Jump to 1999, and we’ve grown exponentially. Our second workshop of 1500m² opened, which cleared room for a staff of 19. Next to this, we started manufacturing our own land and marine loading arms.

By 2002, we started the export of our loading arms throughout the whole of Europe, in 2004 we acquired our own construction warehouse and in 2011 we expanded our new offices and workshop.

And today? We’re continuously expanding and innovating. Concerning our products, obviously, but we’re not stopping there: we’re also evolving considering our consuming market and our equipment. Next to this, we’re proud to invite you to come over and check out our brand new offices!


The future predicts growth

There are a lot of industries with a great need for loading and transfer services. And considering the optimisation of manufacturing processes and the constantly growing concern for our environment, these installations — as well as a pristine after-sales service — are becoming more and more important. Because of this, it’s safe to say that the market won’t be played out very soon.

Next to this, we see a big expansion towards the chemical industry and the food industry. This evolution came with more strict safety measurements — something we predicted and integrated in our growth plan. Wiese Europe focuses, now more than ever, on safety.

Safety first

As mentioned before, we’re continuously expanding and innovating — both internally and product wise. And new products? Those require the right amount of safety certificates. Something we take very seriously. 

In other words, you can rest assured that every single one of our products is manufactured according to the most strict safety measures possible. We’re proud to show you all the required certificates, of which the ISO 9001 certificate, the EN 1090 certificate (the European standard for qualitative development and production of steel structures) and the EN 3834 certificate (the European standard for qualitative welding), we obtained most recently.

Part of the team

No one can do it all alone. Neither can the team of Wiese. That’s why we broadened our horizon to reach all over the world, from Belgium to South Africa, India and the Philippines. Our network of trusted partners helps us achieve our goals, one time zone at a time.

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Our certificates

WIESE EUROPE bvba ISO 3834 certificate ENG Rev 0 1
WIESE EUROPE 593124 2018 PRC NLD EN 1090 1 certificate ENG Rev 0 1
Cert 280838 2018 AQ NLD Rv A ENG 20190521
0019473 SCC ENGUS Rv A 1

Ins ISO 9001 2015 ISO 3834 2 2005 COL

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