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Service & maintenance

Delivering the goods is one thing – proving to be a reliable maintenance partner is often another. That’s why we highly value our long-term commitments when it comes to regular maintenance. After all, implementation is often just the beginning of the adventure.
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Wiese Europe is at your service

For all our clients with Wiese Europe maintenance agreements, we’re at their side as an all-round service partner.

Every client already with us for our regular inspection services is offered an optional 247 troubleshooting service. We devote ourselves to taking up any request for assistance as soon as possible. We’re not big fans of waiting lists and ticket queues. We rather do it the old-fashioned way, by making our way over to the site and start thinking about solutions, along with your team.

And when we say 247, we mean it. You can count on us day, night, on weekdays and weekends to bring an end to your issues. The expertise we have at our disposal for this is delivered through the capable minds and hands of our highly qualified personnel. They come with the necessary education, experience and safety certificates. Think VCA, ATEX and PED.

Did you know you can count on Wiese to handle maintenance and revision of all brands of loading arms, even those not manufactured by us? It makes for a complete service package — with Wiese as a one-stop shop. Revision duties have already proven to be a big part of business, and we take pride in our personnel being exceptionally skilled at it.

Wiese Europe maintenance


As they say, prevention is often the best cure. We always aim at making our annual inspection rounds go smoothly for all of our clients. We notify each client a few months ahead of our next inspection in order to minimize the impact of our job on their schedules. Or perhaps our client prefers to be on the deciding end of when we plan our inspection visit? We’re always happy to accommodate and take away planning concerns, one way or the other.

Our professionals always try to visit the same clients year-round. This way we can ensure our clients get to work with familiar faces, people who know all there is to know about their company, products, needs and wants. It saves a lot of time getting to know each other too.

After completing our inspection duties, we hand out the associated reports. Every report is tailor-made and contains advice and suggestions on issues to deal with straight away, and those to take on next year.

Never not learning

At Wiese, we’re proud of our 25 years of experience. It means we’re on the right track while staying eager to learn more. It’s what remains constant to this day. 

Our teams always encounter new challenges – and develop new solutions and techniques to deal with them. Sometimes it’s an easy fixer-upper, in other cases we have to do a bit of research first. Regardless of the situation, there’s never a problem we can’t fix in the end.

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