Folding stairs

Safe and simple to manipulate, the Wiese Europe folding stairs ensure a safe access from the loading platform to the truck/‚Äčtanker.

Our folding stairs have a solid weight design and are built according the highest safety regulations.

Whether for ergonomic or function purposes, folding stairs can be fitted with pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders to assist/‚Äčtake over the vertical movement.

Pneumatic operation

  • Available in Ex design
  • Can be equipped with pneumatic brake module
  • Pilot operated non-return valves
  • Joystick or push button design
  • Fully pneumatic or pneumatic-electric design

Hydraulic operation

  • Available in Ex design
  • Locks the folding stairs when not actuated
  • Balancing valves to regulate speed
  • Joystick or push button design
  • Fully hydraulic or hydro-electric design

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