Wiese Europe: five values, one vision

Welcome in 1988: the year Chris Jacobs founded Wiese Belgium. The company specializes in loading arms for loading and unloading vessels and container trucks that are carrying fluids. But whose are the faces behind Wiese Europe today? What is their purpose and how do they envision the future? And how are they working today, more than thirty years after the foundation? Discover more about the five values that lie at the base of Wiese Europe.

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1. A relationship of trust

When a client indicates he/​she needs help, there’s only one option: offer the help and support that’s needed. Throughout the years, we made sure to only hire colleagues who believe in this way of work. Only when following these values and believing in this vision, you can grow along with Wiese Europe. Of course, they also need to have the skills we’re looking for… but next to this, we’re also looking for people whose personality and mindset align with the current team. We’re looking for a perfect match: skills as well as ambitions, goals and beliefs.

And this applies to our customers as well. The clients we’re working with nowadays, need to see us as a partner with equal values. We need relationships with our clients that’re filled to the brim with trust. We need to have a relationship where every single thing is out there on the table. Transparency is key.


2. Young and old: the perfect combination

As said before, we focus on our people. We need colleagues with the same goals and ambitions. Accordingly, we don’t really care about the age of our co-workers. Twenty, forty or sixty years old? We don’t care, as long as you believe in the story we’re creating. Together.

At the moment, our team is quite young, but these youngsters are supported very well by our veterans with a lot of knowledge and experience. Together, they form a solid base for success. We believe these differences can actually be a good thing: we combine different ways of thinking, different generations and different point of views — and bring those together under a firm and human belief in growth, trust and opportunities.

In the past ten years, I’ve learned so much from my colleague Eddy Borgmans, who retired last year. He’s 33 years older than me… and still we had the same way of doing things, selling products, handling people. For me, Ellen and all of our colleagues, he’s been an incredible mentor, someone who was indispensable to make Wiese Europe thrive.’ — Tom

3. Taking chances

Founder Chris took a giant leap of faith by becoming an independent entrepreneur. He showed us the power you need to take control over your own life: you can only truly form it by taking action and taking chances.

The current team adopted this mindset, to get to the growth and evolution we’ve undertaken with Wiese Europe in the past years. We took the leap to implement quite some changes in the firm, whilst still taking into account the team, clients and culture. And we’ve never had any regrets about it since!


4. Keep your focus

Don’t waste your precious time and energy on unnecessary tasks. Are you creating qualitative products? Great! Then don’t try to sell them to companies who are known for choosing the most inexpensive option. And did you encounter a bad experience? Happens to the best of us; just make sure to deal with it as brief and concise as possible. This way, you have the opportunity to invest that energy into more positive things.

And we take this way of working very seriously. Agents, clients, suppliers, colleagues, … they all got the same message. We, Wiese Europe, know what we want, what we stand for and what we believe in. And we believe in qualitative products and sustainable long term relationships. We explicitly deliver custom work — and we always want to be there for our clients when they need it. But, and there is that transparency again: good service comes at a cost. We’re definitely not the cheapest option. But you know what? We’re proud of that, because we know we can deliver what we promise.

5. Open heartedness is key

Throughout the years, we’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons. But the one that matters the most to us? Communication is key. By thorough, timely and clear communication, you won’t have to deal with misunderstandings or arguments. Internally as well as externally. Our clients need to feel involved in their project, it’s theirs, after all! They need to know everything about every single step and development in the process. Whether they are good — or not exactly what they were expecting. By communicating about the good and the bad, you’ll get the trust you need.

Same thing applies to in-house communication. We need our team to be fully involved with the company, we need them to trust themselves, each other and the organisation they work for. Because of this, we make sure to inform them all about the yearly goals — and why these are the goals. When people feel the trust you give them, they will be more invested in what they’re doing — and who they’re doing it for.

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