Folding stairs FS xT

Wiese Europe folding stairs are constructed from our proven industrial design. They ensure you a safe and easy access to the top of trucks and train tankers.

Our folding stairs have a solid weight design and are built according the highest safety regulations.


  • 3, 4, 5 and 6 steps available, customized upon request
  • Perforated anti-slip steps, 800mm wide
  • The first movable step has a pivoting part, preventing accidental jamming of the feet
  • Larger end step with rubber contact bar to prevent static discharge and damage to insulated trucks
  • Balanced construction through a spring cylinder
  • Hot dip galvanizing according to the latest ISO 1461 standard
  • Automatic vertical locking by means of a foot pedal
  • Smooth hand-, knee- and foot rail
  • Spacers between knee-, and handrail to prevent jamming of fingers when closing the folding stairs
  • Frame with enclosed ball bearing, wear and maintenance free plastic bedding of all movable parts
  • According EN1090-2
  • Chain locking device in order to lock the folding stairs in any desired position

Upon request, Wiese Europe can supply customized folding stairs that are dedicated to your needs. Customization options are among other things:

  • Deviating width: from 600 mm up to 5000 mm wide
  • Deviating lengths: up to 7 steps
  • Deviating steps: customized end steps enabling side exit, or longer end step

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